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  1. I bought Long Jing Qunti from Jason for my online tea shop. I didn’t know this type of Long Jing but I liked the story behind it. The samples all were nice so I ordered the tea. Jason provided me with information, pictures, labels and tins and I sold all the tea.

    At the time of writing the tea got 10 reviews: 7 x 5 stars, 2 x 4 stars and 1 x 3 stars. The 3 stars tasted some bitterness (but compared with a pre-qingming), other feedback was:
    – Great tea as usual for Longjing
    – Delicious tea, a gem
    – Meets my expectation!
    – Very summery and subtle
    – Very tasty, slightly earthy notes that we do not know from other Long Jing teas.

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  2. I had never tasted Anji Bai Cha before this one, oh my goodness, it’s absolutely stunning! This tea tastes of Springtime!

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  3. One of the most refreshing drinks on a hot summer day is a cup of good Longjing (Dragonwell) tea. Although it is not always easy to find good green tea in the west, especially high quality green tea that is also still fresh. If it weren’t for the team over at Trident and their dedication to sourcing the best and freshest green teas each season, I’d probably not have the appreciation for green teas that I do.

    This Longjing is the “old tree original” lao cha qunti varietal which represents the traditional cultivar of Longjing green tea. It comes from SkyWell Mountain Tian Jing Shan (天井山) near the Dongmuwu (东穆坞村) village, which is a ways west of the famous West Lake (西湖) but still in the West Lake Nature Preserve. A small tea growing town that is known for its high-quality Longjing tea.

    This “Grade A” version of the tea (considerably more expensive than the “Grade B” and newer #43 cultivar) has that classic nutty/vegetal Longjing taste that is easy to recognize, but with an added complexity and body that make it extra special. Having easy access to a green tea like this is not something you encounter often outside of China!

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  4. Excellent relationship price quality tea. Stronger than a grade A, a little bitter but the finish is sweet and a medium large afterstate. It’s less complex than a qunti cultivar but if you prefer sweetness, and easy to drink tea, buy this cultivar.
    Better than all teas that I’ve tried from western tea companies at a half of it’s price. If you want to buy a cheap tea with a good quality, don’t think it so much, with the plus that you are buying a longjing tea directly from the producer.

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  5. Made in two different ways:
    First 3.5 grs. in a large glass vessel at 180 Farenheit. First infusions 3 minutes, second 3.5 min., Thirth 4 minutes, forth 5 minutes, five 6 minutes.
    It’s difficult to explain when you find a really outstanding tea. How to describe it?. It’s nutty, sweet, floral frutal, vegetal, spicy… all combined in a really fantastic balance and with a long long afterstate. When I contacted the producer I ask him about his best Longjing tea. It was not in his webpage because it’s expensive, but it’s a real fully handmade qunti Longjing. The producer it’s not on the top growth area (Shifeng, meijiawu, etc.) he is near to this areas. But, when you buy a Longjing here in western countries…do you know if it’s machine or handmade?, are you shure that it’s authentic xihu longjing?, does it have certification of authenticity?, do you trust in your seller?.
    You must question all this because must of xihu longjing in the market is fake.
    Of course this is the best Longjing that I’ve tried. Seven Cups, Mei Leaf, Verdant Tea, What Cha, etc. I’ve tried all these. Nothing to do with this monumental tea: it’s not bitter at all. It’s a tea that it’s able to experiment with water ratio and temperatures. Less temperature it’s sweeter, more temperature it’s complex and full of flavor.
    Second, I steeped in a 80 cc gaiwan, 3.5 grs.first infusion 15 secs. and adding 5 secs. each successive infusion untill 13th. infusions.
    The first was surprisingly sweet, with a subtle nice afterstate. From second infusion the tea win in strength, vegetal flavor, nuttyness and long afterstate. The result was a really fine tea with a lot of variation in it’s flavor.
    If you want to try a real multidimensional green tea, full of flavor and strength with an apotheotic final try it. Maybe you’ll find one of the best experience with a green tea in your life.

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