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What do we offer for Chinese Tea wholesale?

Eastville Tea started in 2021 with the idea to deliver Authentic West Lake Longjing tea and other fine-selected Chinese tea backed by excellent customer service. Knowing that many Chinese tea wholesalers are facing a problem that they could not find a stable supplier to offer a series of fine Chinese Loose Leaf Tea, we then are established to build a channel between wholesale buyers and fine-selected Chinese Loose Leaf Teas.

The tea business can be fragile, you may lose a client because of a subtle flavor change, we are dedicated to offering stable and qualified Chinese tea to maintain sustainable cooperation with our clients.
So if you are looking for a reliable Chinese tea supplier with good quality tea, we are here to help.

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Why Eastville Tea?

Fine-selected Chinese Loose Leaf Teas with a Wide range, freshly and directly sourced shipping globally at unbeatable competitive and Factory Prices.

4 Generations of Family Passion in Tea

My family has been producing tea since Qing Dynasty(the 1800s), we have rich experience in tea production and we do have a high sensitivity to tea quality

Wide range of tea selections

We offer a one-stop sourcing service for Chinese Loose Leaf teas including six basic types of Chinese tea: green, white, yellow, red, oolong, and dark tea

Higher Standard

Our tea sets a higher standard with its meticulously hand-picked tea leaves and the masterful art of tea-making. It exemplifies the perfect fusion of premium ingredients and expert craftsmanship.

Rich Overseas Business Experience

With 10+ years of experience in overseas business, we have professional communication skills and can offer professional business service

Better Price

By fostering direct relationships with tea farmers, we uphold fair trade practices, offering a range of premium teas at cost-effective prices, without compromising on quality or taste.

B2B White Labeling

Our B2B white labeling services offer completely customized packaging products labeling and shipping services. Create your own branded products with our services.

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We have been practicing for over a hundred years just to meet you

100+Years Production Experience

Higher Standard

Better Price

Wide Tea Ranges

10+ Years of Overseas Experience

B2B White labeling

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