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Who are we?

We are Authentic West Lake Longjing Tea Producer from Dongmuwu village(东穆坞村), West Lake, Hangzhou.
You probably already know about Shi(Shifeng), Long(Longjing Village), Yun(Yunxi), Hu(Hupao), Mei(Meijiawu), but I bet you have never heard of Dongmuwu Village (东穆坞村)before, although the tea mountains of Dongmuwu Village is back to back with Meijiawu, and is only a few hundred meters away from Shifeng as well.

Back in Ming Dynasty, there is a Poetry Collection: 西溪百咏(Xixi hundred poets) collected a poem describing the village:


Translated as:

Cooking smoke floats from East Ville to West Ville, Farming man and cooking woman rejoicing at the good harvest;
Wild edibles from the hills, cooked with fresh fish from the village creek to serve the coming guest;
Cobblestone road covered with Spring Moss, village creek from which the water is sweeter than the Rabbit Fountain;
Seldom known to the world, you’ll never know such a fairy spot until you see it yourself.

The “East Ville” in this poem refers to my Home Town: Dongmuwu, as in Chinese, “Dong” means East, and “Wu” means hidden village. The Dongmuwu Villagers started to make living on tea during Qing Dynasty.

Our Story

My family has been producing West lake Longjing tea since Qing Dynasty, My great-grandpa, my grandpa, and my father, like the rest of the villagers, dedicated themselves to Longjing Tea for a lifetime. It all started in a small village surrounded by hills named Dongmuwu, my hometown.
My earliest memory about tea goes back to the 1990s when I was about 5 years old, I remember during tea season, the March nighttime sometimes is still a bit chilly and I would squat by the tea wok picking out old yellow leaves until I was too sleepy. I remember it was so soothing to be covered with the warmth that came from the burning firewood and the scent that came from the freshly made Longjing tea.
I remember the dark calluses on my father’s hands as he always has to produce Longjing tea until around midnight from after lunch. And I also remember the black fingertips of my mother as she always has to leave home before sunrise and get back after sunset to pick Longjing tea leaves during the spring tea season.
Through all the years, many have changed, the tea wok evolved from firewood to coal cake to electricity, from full hand frying to semi-automation, to full-automation, but the pursuit to make the best Longjing tea has never changed.
People love Longjing, for its refreshing scent, its delicate leaves, its multi-level taste, its aftertaste, and its health benefits. And we love Longjing, for it is part of our lives. My family has been producing Longjing tea since Qing Dynasty, My grandpa, and my father, like the rest of the villagers, dedicated themselves to Longjing Tea for a lifetime. Now I’m taking a step further to make our tea known to tea lovers around the world. 


What do we offer?

As an authentic Longjing tea producer, our main focus is to offer different grades of West Lake Longjing tea, meanwhile, we also offer a list of fine teas from China like Anji Bai Cha, Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Houkui, Biluochun, Jinjunmei, Dahongpao, etc.
In addition, we will showcase some well-selected teawares for our customers to choose from.

The purpose

The purpose of this website is to build a connection between worldwide tea lovers and fine Chinese teas, I have noticed that tea lovers outside China have difficulties sourcing Chinese teas due to language and transportation problems. So we build this small channel to showcase some fine Chinese tea and make it easier for tea lovers around the world to get to know, to try the best quality Chinese teas not only Longjing tea but also other fine Chinese teas we selected.

About the Founder

Eastville tea founder Jason

I, Jason Jin, Chinese name Jin Yuliang, worked in overseas marketing for a decade before I started all these. I always knew that I was going to do something tea related, as tea has been part of my life ever since I was born.
With a passion for theoretically understanding our Longjing tea better, I took
tea sommelier courses and tea connoisseur courses in my spare time, during which I met a lot of tea enthusiasts as well as other tea producers from all over China.
I used to travel abroad a lot, I like to go to local markets and tea houses to experience local culture and listen to local legends. And now I’m writing my own tea story as a local hoping someone out there would be interested 🙂


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