Color Changing Tea Pet – Watermelon Tea Pet


Product Name: Color Changing Watermelon Tea Pet

Material: Resin

Origin: Dehua

Features: Equal Scale Simulation, Color Changing when hot water is poured on

Dimension: 13*8*11cm

Weight: around 160g

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A tea pet, when used during a traditional Gongfu Cha ceremony or any other form of elaborate tea preparation ritual, these adorable companions sit atop a teapot or tea tray. Over time, they absorb the colors and flavors from each session’s brewed teas—their surfaces becoming richly stained with hues reminiscent of shared moments around fragrant infusions.

Made from a special material and crafted into various forms, color changing tea pets bring an extra element of surprise and amusement to the ritualistic practice of brewing and serving tea.

Features of this Color Changing Watermelon Tea Pet:

• Immerse in color-changing enchantment: Crafted from premium color-changing resin, our tea pet transforms from a dark red unfresh watermelon to a bright red fresh watermelon  as you pour hot tea over it. It’s a magical experience that will make your tea time even more enjoyable.
• Unique and functional: Beyond just being an entertaining addition to your tea assortment, our tea pet also serves as a heat absorbent, ensuring an impeccable companion for your steaming cup of tea. It’s a surefire way to captivate your visitors and prompt them to inquire about its origin.
• Delightful present for tea lovers: Looking for an exceptional gift for a dedicated tea lover? Opt for our Imaginative Color-changing Orange Tea Pet! This engaging and practical embellishment will infuse bliss into their daily ritual, underscoring your thoughtful regard for their passion for tea.

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