Duck Shit Oolong Tea – Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong

$25.00 /100gram

Cultivar: Da Wu Ye (大乌叶)

Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong,  China.

Harvest Season: April


Appearance: Hand-harvested during the early spring, the leaves of Duck Shit Oolong tea possess a captivating charm. These leaves are carefully rolled and crafted to perfection, with a glossy, deep green appearance that evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Aroma: this Duck Shit Oolong unveils an enchanting aroma that combines the delicate fragrance of gardenia blossoms with a subtle woody note. This unique blend of scents evokes a sense of balance and harmony, where the sweet, floral essence of gardenia gracefully intertwines with the earthy, woody undertone.

Taste: With each sip, the tea presents a harmonious blend of flavors that beautifully marries the sweet, floral notes reminiscent of gardenia blossoms with a subtle woody taste. The sweetness of the gardenia flowers delicately intertwines with the earthy, woody undertone, creating a taste experience that is both complex and balanced.



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Features of Duck Shit Oolong Tea:

  1. Distinct Appearance: Duck Shit Oolong tea is characterized by tightly rolled, dark green leaves with a glossy appearance. The leaves are carefully crafted to achieve their unique shape, setting this tea apart with its visual intrigue.
  2. Complex Flavor: Known for its intricate flavor profile, Duck Shit Oolong offers a complex and layered taste experience. It features a harmonious combination of floral and woody notes, creating a delightful and memorable palate.
  3. Artful Processing: Craftsmanship plays a pivotal role in the creation of Duck Shit Oolong. The leaves undergo meticulous processing to bring out their distinctive flavors while preserving their natural characteristics. This careful treatment is a testament to the dedication of tea artisans.
  4. Terroir and Harvest Timing: The tea originates from the Phoenix Mountain region in Guangdong, China, where the unique terroir contributes to its exceptional quality. This Duck Shit Oolong is plucked in Spring, ensuring its signature taste.

What is Duck Shit Oolong Tea?

Duck Shit Oolong tea, also known as “Ya Shi Xiang”, is a remarkable oolong variety cherished for its intriguing name and exceptional taste. It finds its roots in the picturesque Phoenix Mountain region of Guangdong, China, where centuries of tea cultivation have perfected its production.

The appearance of Duck Shit Oolong is captivating, with tightly rolled dark green leaves that gleam with a glossy finish. The carefully crafted leaves are a testament to the artistry involved in their processing.

The flavor profile of Duck Shit Oolong is nothing short of remarkable. It offers a complex medley of flavors, including floral notes that evoke images of blossoming orchards, hints of tropical fruitiness, and a woody note that lingers on the palate. This intricate combination makes every sip a delightful adventure.

How the name “Duck Shit” Oolong came from?

The name “Duck Shit Oolong” (in Mandarin, “Ya Shi Xiang”) has an interesting and somewhat humorous origin. It’s important to note that the name is not a reflection of the tea’s taste or quality; rather, it is a playful and creative name that adds intrigue to this particular oolong tea.

The story behind the name goes like this: In the local dialect of the Phoenix Mountain region in Guangdong, where this tea is produced, tea farmers wanted to keep the exceptional quality of their tea a well-guarded secret. To discourage others from stealing their tea plants or imitating their cultivation methods, they decided to give their tea a name that would deter curiosity.

The name “Duck Shit Oolong” was chosen because it was thought to be so unappealing and unattractive that nobody would want to inquire further or attempt to replicate their tea. This clever tactic was a way to protect the unique tea plants and maintain the exclusivity of their tea production.

Ironically, despite the unappealing name, Duck Shit Oolong is highly regarded for its exceptional flavor and quality. Over time, it has gained recognition and popularity among tea enthusiasts worldwide, proving that a name alone can’t overshadow the excellence of the tea itself.



Brewing Tips for Duck Shit Oolong Tea:

  • Brewing temperature: 195℉ / 90℃
  • Tea/Water Ratio: 1g/50ml
  • Brew duration: Start with a quick rinse, followed by steeping for approximately 30 seconds for the first infusion and gradually increasing steeping time for subsequent brews to explore its evolving flavors.


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