Handmade West Lake Longjing Tea Qunti(Old Tree) – Grade S

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Cultivar: Longjing Qunti (Old Tree) (What is Longjing Qunti)

Origin: Hangzhou, China.

Harvest Season: Pre-Qingming (What is Pre-Qingming Longjing)

Appearance: This high-grade handmade west lake longjing tea is flat and slender in shape after hot pan-firing, each leaf is at best integrity and measures between 1-2 cm in length, compared to machine-made Longjing tea, the handmade Longjing tea leaves are more tight and slim. Each tip is perfectly flattened in the work by an expert with 30+ years of tea-making experience. The leaves are hand-picked during the first week of spring tea production, so the overall color of the tea is yellow-green which is the color of authentic  premium Westlake Longjing Qunti

Aroma: Made during the very start of the spring harvest, this tea has a light refreshing sweet aroma like a spring breeze on a sunny morning. The smell is between chestnuts and toasty.

Taste: The flavor is sweet, fruity, and soothing. Its thick tea scent and multi-level aftertaste will linger in your mouth for a long while.

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  1. Made in two different ways:
    First 3.5 grs. in a large glass vessel at 180 Farenheit. First infusions 3 minutes, second 3.5 min., Thirth 4 minutes, forth 5 minutes, five 6 minutes.
    It’s difficult to explain when you find a really outstanding tea. How to describe it?. It’s nutty, sweet, floral frutal, vegetal, spicy… all combined in a really fantastic balance and with a long long afterstate. When I contacted the producer I ask him about his best Longjing tea. It was not in his webpage because it’s expensive, but it’s a real fully handmade qunti Longjing. The producer it’s not on the top growth area (Shifeng, meijiawu, etc.) he is near to this areas. But, when you buy a Longjing here in western countries…do you know if it’s machine or handmade?, are you shure that it’s authentic xihu longjing?, does it have certification of authenticity?, do you trust in your seller?.
    You must question all this because must of xihu longjing in the market is fake.
    Of course this is the best Longjing that I’ve tried. Seven Cups, Mei Leaf, Verdant Tea, What Cha, etc. I’ve tried all these. Nothing to do with this monumental tea: it’s not bitter at all. It’s a tea that it’s able to experiment with water ratio and temperatures. Less temperature it’s sweeter, more temperature it’s complex and full of flavor.
    Second, I steeped in a 80 cc gaiwan, 3.5 grs.first infusion 15 secs. and adding 5 secs. each successive infusion untill 13th. infusions.
    The first was surprisingly sweet, with a subtle nice afterstate. From second infusion the tea win in strength, vegetal flavor, nuttyness and long afterstate. The result was a really fine tea with a lot of variation in it’s flavor.
    If you want to try a real multidimensional green tea, full of flavor and strength with an apotheotic final try it. Maybe you’ll find one of the best experience with a green tea in your life.

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  • Core Origin: Harvested from one of the West Lake Longjing Tea Reserve – Dongmuwu village,  an ancient village with more than a thousand years of history
  • Early Spring Harvest: Each single tea leaf is hand-picked around Qingming to ensure the tenderness and aroma of the authentic West Lake Longjing tea
  • Multi-level taste: Made from the Longjing Old Tree cultivar, this early spring Longjing tea has a multi-level taste that will refresh your perception of green tea
  • Hand-Made Tea: The Longjing tea is fully hand-made by Longjing tea craftsmen with more than 30 years of tea making experience

What is West Lake Longjing tea?

West Lake Longjing tea, a green tea that is produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, West Lake, Hangzhou, China. It has a history of more than 1200 years. It was served to the imperial family as imperial tea since the Qing Dynasty.
Premium West Lake Longjing tea is flat, smooth, and straight, with a tender green color, fresh and sweet taste. Longjing tea harvested before the Qingming Festival is referred to as Pre-Qingming Longjing or Pre-Qingming Dragonwell, and the one harvested before the rainy season GuYu is called Pre-Yu Longjing or Pre-Yu Dragonwell.
West Lake Longjing tea is produced in the mountains around West Lake. The climate here is mild, with abundant rainfall and diffuse light. The soil is slightly acidic, deep, and well-drained. The forest is lush and the streams are always flowing. The annual average temperature is 16℃ and the annual precipitation is around 1500mm. The superior natural conditions have made West Lake Longjing the top green tea in China


Brewing Tips:

  • Brewing temperature: 85-95°C
  • Brewing duration: 180+ seconds

how to brew Longjing tea


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