The truth about Longjing Tea and its surprising benefits of it!

Westlake Longjing tea is one of the most famous green tea which is produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, West Lake, Hangzhou, China

What is Longjing tea?

Westlake Longjing tea, also known as Westlake Dragonwell tea, is one of the most famous green tea which is produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, West Lake, Hangzhou, China. It has a history of more than 1200 years. It served the imperial family as imperial tea since the Qing Dynasty.
Premium West Lake Longjing tea is flat, smooth, and straight, with a tender green color, and a fresh and sweet taste. Longjing tea harvested before the Qingming Festival is referred to as Pre-Qingming Longjing or Pre-Qingming Dragonwell, and the one harvested before the rainy season GuYu is called Pre-Yu Longjing or Pre-Yu Dragonwell.

West Lake Longjing is produced in the mountains around West Lake. The climate here is mild, with abundant rainfall and diffuse light. The soil is slightly acidic, deep, and well-drained. The forest is lush and the streams are always flowing. The annual average temperature is 16℃ and the annual precipitation is around 1500mm. The superior natural conditions have made West Lake Longjing the top green tea in China

Longjing Village in Hangzhou City map

What are the benefits of Longjing Tea?

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Longjing tea has ten major health benefits as follows:

Weight loss:

Caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid, aromatic substances, and many other compounds in Longjing tea, can regulate fat metabolism. Tea polyphenols and vitamin C can reduce cholesterol and blood lipids, so drinking Longjing tea can lose weight.

Delay aging:

the tea polyphenols in Longjing tea can effectively remove excess free radicals, to prevent fatty acid peroxidation.

Eliminate fatigue:

the caffeine in Longjing tea can excite the central nervous system, helping people to invigorate the spirit, enhance thinking, eliminate fatigue, and improve work efficiency.


Longjing tea contains fluorine, fluorine ions have a great affinity with the calcium of the teeth, which can become more insoluble in acid “fluorapatite”, like adding a protective layer to the teeth, improving the ability of the teeth to prevent acid and anti-caries.

Inhibit cancer cells:

Longjing tea contains about 15% of catechins, and the antioxidant power of catechins is 40 to 100 times that of vitamin C, which can inhibit the aging of blood vessels, thus purifying the blood.


Caffeine and theophylline in Longjing tea have a diuretic effect, which can be used to treat edema and water retention tumor.

Strong heart and antispasmodic:

Longjing tea leaves in the caffeine also have a strong heart, antispasmodic, relaxation of smooth muscle, can release bronchial spasm, promote blood circulation, is a good adjunct to the treatment of bronchial asthma, cough, and phlegm, myocardial infarction.

Inhibit atherosclerosis:

tea polyphenols and vitamin C in Longjing tea both have the effect of activating blood circulation and preventing atherosclerosis.

Cure night blindness, anti-dry eye disease, anti-tumor, etc.:

Longjing tea contains a certain amount of vitamin A, and Longjing tea’s brightening effect has a lot to do with vitamin A.


Catechins in Longjing tea have an inhibitory effect on some of the bacteria that cause disease in humans, Polyphenols help protect the digestive tract and prevent digestive tract tumors.