Fuding White Tea – White Peony Tea (Bai Mudan)

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Cultivar: Fuding Big White Tea

Origin: Fuding, Ningde City, Fujian,Β  China.

Harvest Season: Pre-Qingming


Appearance: Hand-picked in early Spring, these buds are covered in a delicate, silvery down, reminiscent of frost, which lends the tea its name. Uniform in size and shape, they exhibit a pristine white and silver hue, creating a captivating contrast against lush green tea leaves. When steeped, these buds gracefully unfurl, revealing an elegant, pale, and clear infusion, symbolizing the tea’s purity and grace.

Aroma: Crafted at the onset of spring, this premium White Peony tea exudes a captivating bouquet of fresh blossoms, honeyed sweetness, and a subtle, alluring fruitiness. The aroma is a sensory delight, tantalizing the senses and setting the stage for a remarkable tea experience.

Taste: White Peony tea offers a delicate and ethereal flavor profile, reminiscent of Silver Needle. It delights the palate with notes of sweet melon, accompanied by gentle floral undertones. The taste is subtle yet complex, culminating in a lingering, refreshing finish that leaves a lasting impression of refinement and satisfaction.

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  • Elegant Appearance: Chinese White Peony tea is distinguished by its long, slender, and slightly curled leaves. These tea buds and leaves are adorned with fine, silvery-white hairs, creating a visually captivating and graceful appearance when steeped.
  • Delicate Flavor: Known for its subtle and nuanced taste, Chinese White Peony tea offers a mild, sweet flavor profile with hints of floral notes. This delicate taste appeals to tea connoisseurs seeking a refined and balanced palate.
  • Minimal Processing: Chinese White Peony is prized for its minimal processing, which allows it to retain its natural sweetness and delicate aroma. This gentle handling of the leaves preserves their inherent qualities, making it a cherished tea variety.
  • Harvest Timing: The tea is harvested during the early spring, and the quality is often categorized based on plucking time. Pre-Qingming White Peony, harvested before the Qingming Festival, is particularly esteemed for its freshness and vibrant character, embodying the essence of the spring season.

What is Fuding White Peony Tea (Bai Mu Dan)?

White Peony tea, also known as Bai Mudan, is a celebrated white tea hailing from the pristine regions of Fujian, China. With a rich heritage spanning centuries, it is known as one of the most famous white tea.

This exquisite tea mainly flourishes in the fertile landscapes of Fuding and Zhenghe in the Fujian province. Crafted with precision, the leaves are plucked during a specific stage when the tea buds are adorned with delicate silvery-white down, ensuring the utmost quality.

Characterized by its elegantly elongated and slightly curled leaves, Chinese White Peony tea boasts a graceful appearance that unfurls gracefully when steeped. This visual allure pays homage to the craftsmanship invested in its production.

The flavor profile of Chinese White Peony tea is celebrated for its subtlety, sweetness, and hints of floral notes. It offers a nuanced taste that captivates tea aficionados, a testament to its minimal processing that preserves its innate sweetness and delicate fragrance.

Harvested during the early days of spring, Chinese White Peony tea is categorized based on plucking time, with Pre-Qingming selections representing the pinnacle of freshness, embodying the essence of spring’s vitality.

The regions nurturing Chinese White Peony tea boast a favorable climate, receiving abundant sunlight, clean air, and soil that’s well-drained and fertile. These optimal natural conditions contribute to the tea’s exceptional quality, allowing it to flourish and thrive in its environment.

Brewing Tips:

  • Brewing temperature: 185℉ / 85℃
  • Tea/Water Ratio: 1g/50ml
  • Brewing duration: 30 seconds for the first brew and 45 seconds for the following brews


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