Lu An Gua Pian 六安瓜片 – Green Tea

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Cultivar: Lu An Gua Pian

Origin: Lu An, Anhui, China.

Harvest Season: Spring

Appearance: Lu An Gua Pian tea boasts large, flat, vibrant green leaves with a unique single-leaf-with-stalk shape. Its appearance is distinct and visually captivating, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its production. The brilliant green color sets it apart as a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing green tea.

Aroma: Lu An Gua Pian tea offers an invigorating and refreshing aroma that combines the delightful scent of chestnuts with delicate floral notes. The fragrance is uplifting and adds to the overall tea-drinking experience, creating a sense of harmony between nuttiness and floral sweetness.

Taste: With each sip of Lu An Gua Pian tea, one can expect a mellow and well-balanced flavor profile. It delights the palate with its smooth and sweet taste, complemented by nutty undertones. The combination of flavors is intricate, creating a harmonious and memorable tea-drinking experience.



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Unique Appearance: Lu An Gua Pian tea, also known as “Melon Seed” tea, is distinct in its appearance. The leaves are flat and oval, resembling melon seeds. They are characterized by their vibrant green color and consistent shape, contributing to the tea’s visual appeal.

Refreshing Aroma: This tea offers an invigorating aroma that combines the fresh scent of chestnuts and delicate floral notes. The fragrance is uplifting and adds to the overall tea-drinking experience.

Mellow and Nutty Flavor: Lu An Gua Pian tea presents a mellow flavor profile with nutty undertones. It is known for its smooth, sweet taste, creating a balanced and memorable palate.

Traditional Craftsmanship: The crafting of Lu An Gua Pian tea follows traditional methods that have been honed over time. The meticulous processing highlights the skill and dedication of tea artisans in its production.

Harvest Season and Terroir: Originating from Lu An in Anhui province, China, this tea thrives in its unique terroir. It is typically harvested in spring, allowing the leaves to develop their distinctive character.

What is Lu An Gua Pian Tea?

Lu An Gua Pian, often referred to as “Melon Seed” tea, is a unique green tea variety that originates from Lu An in Anhui province, China. It stands out with its captivating appearance, refreshing aroma, and delightful flavor.

The appearance of Lu An Gua Pian tea leaves is a visual delight. These flat and oval-shaped leaves resemble melon seeds, displaying a consistent vibrant green color. Their unique form adds an element of intrigue to the tea.

A sip of Lu An Gua Pian tea reveals a mellow taste with nutty undertones. The tea offers a smooth and sweet flavor that leaves a lasting impression on the palate, making it a favorite among tea enthusiasts.

This tea is known for its refreshing aroma, which combines the scent of chestnuts with delicate floral notes. The fragrance is invigorating and complements the tea’s overall character.

Brewing Tips for Lu An Gua Pian Tea:

  • Brewing temperature: 175℉ / 80℃
  • Tea/Water Ratio: 1g/50ml
  • Brewing duration: Begin with a quick rinse, followed by steeping for about 1-2 minutes for the first infusion. Extend the steeping time for subsequent brews to explore the tea’s evolving flavors.


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