Red Plum Tea(Black Dragon)

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Features of this Red Plum (Black Dragon Tea)

Cultivar: Longjing Qunti (Old Tree) 

Origin: Hangzhou, China.

Harvest Season: Pre-Ming


Appearance: Made from Pre-ming Longjing Qunti Leaves, This high-grade black tea is slim in shape and is twisted after tea-rolling, each leaf is of high integrity and measures between 2-3cm in length. The leaves are hand-picked before Qingming,  the overall color of the tea is black with a slight golden line which is the color of authentic premium Westlake Red Plum tea.

Aroma: Made during the early spring harvest, this tea has a light refreshing sweet aroma like a spring breeze on a sunny morning. The smell is a light red plum floral scent.

Taste: The tea soup is soft and smooth, the flavor is floral sweet, and light taste. This tea has a deep dark plum-like scent with an up-going aftertaste.


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  1. Surprised with the quality of this tea. Sweet, spiced, fruity with a long afterstate. The tea last at least 12 infusions. The evolution is from a sweetness and delicate spicy to a subtle floral and fruity taste. Compared with the great black teas from China (Tongmu and Puer black) this tea have to be included as one of the best. Qunti cultivar gives a great complexity to this tea. Congratulations to the producer.

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What is Red Plum Tea (Black Dragon)?

Red Plum Tea, or Black Dragon Tea, is a tea that origins from a type of oolong tea from Wuyi Mountain, Fujian. It is introduced to Hangzhou in the late Qing Dynasty. By generations of tea farmers’ cultivation, it was eventually reformed into a type of black tea.
The name Red Plum comes from the special Plum Flower-like tea scent, and the name Black Dragon comes from the tea appearance that the tea leaves are black in color and shaped like small dragons.

Red Plum is the only famous Black tea in Zhejiang Province, it is made from the same tea leaves as Longjing No.43 and Longjing Qunti.
The tea was awarded the gold medal at the Panama International Food Fair in 1886. And in 1929’s West Lake Tea Expo it was nominated as one of the ten most famous Chinese teas.

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